California Bear T-shirt

California, The Bear State and t-shirts

California, The Bear State and t-shirts

California Bear T-shirt in

One of the most universally famous symbols of California is the Grizzly Bear, a species of brown bear native to the state that has been in the Californian flag and seal for over 100 years.  It has always been very admired all over California for its size, strength and beauty, as was adopted as a state symbol in honor to the Bear Flag Revolt, a movement that fought for the separation of Alta California from Mexico in the 1840s. Later, in the beginning of the 1900s the Bear was officially adopted as the state flag, and from the 1940s on it became a permanent part of the state seal.

Extra-officially, the bear is a cherished figure all over the state, displayed on all kinds of souvenirs, clothing and products that advertise California to the world. It’s fair enough that this 100% Californian symbol should lead a special category of 100% California made tees here at Calilovers. We carry a unique selection of T-shirts that feature the large and strong mascot of the state in different styles and designs. It is a perfect match with Califorever’s philosophy of providing our customers t-shirts that are unique in the sense of being made exclusively with Californian products and workforce, promoting local businesses and helping local economy while ensuring the best quality t-shirts to our clients.

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